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Sports Tenugui is a Japanese traditional "Tenugui" towel. It is a completely new product that matches today's outdoor and sports scenes while preserving the convenience that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a completely new product. Ideal for those who enjoy various activities such as trail, run, trekking, mountain climbing, etc. Of course, it can be used by both men and women. From the weaving of the fabric to the sewing, dyeing, and packaging, these products pass through the hands of various Japanese craftsmen before reaching you. This is a carefully and meticulously finished product. "注染(Chusen)" is a traditional Japanese dyeing method. Dyeing is done by pouring dye into the fabric. Because 注染(Chusen) dyeing directly dyes the threads, the elasticity and breathability of the cloth are not compromised. The more the fabric is used, the softer the texture becomes and the more it tastes good. This makes it an ideal method for dyeing tenugui hand towels and cotton yukata kimonos that are washed repeatedly. Size: approx. 32 x 110 cm Material: 50% cotton, 50% linen Place of Origin: Japan (Made In Japan) *Cotton overlock on both sides *Dyeing:Chusen *Ab-soft treatment (A special treatment using a fabric softener blended with camellia oil to make the fabric soft to the touch without losing its water absorbency.) -------------------------------------- Sports Tenugui是一种日本传统的 "Tenugui "毛巾。 它是一种全新的产品,与当今的户外和运动场景相匹配,同时保留了代代相传的便利。 这是一款全新的产品。 是那些喜欢各种活动的人的理想选择,如越野、跑步、徒步、爬山等。 当然,男性和女性都可以使用。 从织物的编织到缝制、染色和包装,这些产品在到达您手中之前,都经过了不同的日本工匠之手。这是一个精心和细致的成品。 "注染(Chusen)"是一种传统的日本染色方法。染色是通过将染料倒入织物来完成的。 由于 "注染(Chusen) "染色法直接对线进行染色,因此不会影响到布的弹性和透气性。 织物使用得越多,质地就越柔软,味道就越好。因此,这是一种理想的方法,适用于反复洗涤的天竺手巾和棉质浴衣和服的染色。 尺寸:约32 x 110厘米 材料。50%棉,50%亚麻 产地:日本 (日本制造) *两面都是棉质包缝 *染色:中森 *软化处理 (使用与山茶油混合的织物柔软剂进行特殊处理,使织物触感柔软而不失其吸水性。)

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