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Daily Fit Tenugui has been improved in material and size to make it easier to carry a tenugui every day. (1) Fine gauze yarn is woven into the weft to provide a gentle feel against the skin. (2) It is a hygienic material that is also functionally designed to be absorbent and quick-drying. (17) The package is conveniently zippered. It is safe and convenient to put it in a clean bag even when it is wet after a lot of use. By winding it in different ways, it can also be used for jogging/running etiquette. Size: approx. 31 x 80 cm Material: 100% cotton *Weft (weft) gauze yarn Place of Origin: Japan (Made In Japan) Cotton overlock on both sides Textile printing *ab-soft® treatment (This is a special treatment using a fabric softener blended with camellia oil to give a softer feel without affecting the absorbency of the fabric.) -------------------------------------- Daily Fit Tenugui在材料和尺寸上进行了改进,使其更容易每天携带Tenugui。 (1) 纬线上织有细密的纱布纱线,使皮肤有柔和的感觉。 (2) 它是一种卫生的材料,在功能上也具有吸水性和速干性的设计。 (17) 包装有方便的拉链。即使在大量使用后被打湿的情况下,也可以把它放在干净的袋子里,既安全又方便。 通过不同方式的缠绕,它还可以用于慢跑/跑步的礼仪。 尺寸:约31 x 80厘米 材料:100%棉 * 纬纱(纬线) 纱线 产地:日本(日本制造) 两面都是棉质包缝 纺织品印刷 纺织品印刷 **ab-soft®加工 (使用含有山茶油的织物柔软剂进行的特殊处理,给皮肤带来柔软的感觉,而不损害织物的吸收性)。

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