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Daylilies in full bloom against the light blue sky I drew the cotton grass that blooms around it. Daylilies decorate the summer mountains like a yellow carpet. A one-day flower that blooms in the morning and wilts in the evening. Each plant has about 7 buds. Flowers bloom one by one each day. Therefore, the best time to see them is only one week. The language of flowers is ``new every day'' and ``someone who feels at ease.'' A present for yourself, a present for your loved ones, Both have positive meanings. *** What is a sports tenugui? Climbing, trekking, trail, running, etc. Tenugui recommended for outdoor activities. I adopt the functionality that it is easy to use outdoors, Designed with a balance that blends in with nature. From weaving, sewing, dyeing and packaging, All made in Japan by Japanese craftsmen. ・Overlock processing to prevent fraying ・Bamboo rayon, an original thread with excellent water absorption and quick drying properties, is used. ・The long design of 110 cm makes it easy to wrap around your head and neck. ・Specially processed with naturally-derived softening agents for a soft touch ・Antibacterial and deodorizing treatment with "Hinokitiol" permeated into the fabric Size: approx. 31 x 110cm Material: 50% cotton, 50% bamboo rayon Place of production: Japan (Made In Japan) *Although we do our best to ensure that the product photos are as close to the actual color as possible, the color may differ from the actual product depending on your monitor settings, room lighting, etc. *The image photo is taken in nature, so the color may differ from the actual color. Please check the product photo for exact color. Please note.

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