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  • Ashgray

    800 JPY

  • 【December 5th~】Blue

    800 JPY

Blue will be released from December 5, 2023! *Blue is 0.5mm thicker than ash gray. There is almost no difference in appearance. ** Hook cord" to be used in combination with tenugui. "It is more convenient to have it! Reason 1: Because you can put tenugui towels together without tying them, they dry better! Reason 2: Because the Tenugui can be gathered without tying it, the length of the Tenugui can be used effectively! Reason 3: It is easy to use in a variety of ways, such as around the neck or on a sack! The simple colors that do not interfere with the design of the Tenugui and the functionality to conveniently organize the towel make activities such as running, hiking, and camping even more comfortable. A new color "gray" is also available from spring. It has a slightly cooler image than the popular ash gray. The elastic part is retroreflective, so it is safe even in the dark. Click here for application of how to use ✨ http://chaoras.jp/insidechaoras/5395/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- '钩绳'用于毛巾。 "有了它就更方便了!" 理由1:因为不用把天竺葵绑在一起,所以它更容易干! 理由1:毛巾不用绑在一起就可以聚在一起,所以干得比较好 理由2:因为毛巾不用打结就可以聚在一起,所以可以有效利用天狗的长度! 理由3:它的使用方式多样,如挂在脖子上或钩在麻袋上,都很方便! 不影响毛巾设计的简单颜色和方便整理毛巾的功能使跑步、徒步旅行和野营等活动更加舒适。 一种新的颜色,灰色,也从春季开始提供。 与流行的灰白色相比,它的形象略显冷峻。 弹性部分是逆反射的,所以即使在黑暗中也很安全。 点击这里✨了解如何使用它的应用。 http://chaoras.jp/insidechaoras/5395/

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