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Who do you want to go out with? Pack your thoughts = Packing bag is born! ¥300 OFF coupon is included! The bag is large enough to hold a gift box, so you can give it as a whole present, or you can put a wrapped individual gift in it. The bag is also made of high-density, lightweight, water-repellent, and breathable fabric that is perfect for outdoor use, so we recommend using it as your own outdoor gear for storing a change of clothes or packing your things. This is an item that you can use all the time after giving it as a gift, not just when you end up using it as a gift. We want you to feel free to use it as a gift bag, so we have attached a ¥300 coupon to the product that you can use on your next purchase. (The coupon expires at the end of next month) SIZE : H38 cm x W28 cm Due to the nature of the material, folded lines are likely to appear. **************** Cautions for use as a gift **************** Please indicate your preferred delivery method below in the remarks column. We can deliver the product with the packing box in a packing bag and wrap it with air caps. We can wrap the package in air caps and put it on the top of the box without putting it in the packing box. If you use your own packing bag, or if you wish to deliver the gift separately, the packing bag can be folded up and placed in a bag in the packing box. No instructions are required in this case.

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